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Going Beyond On-Campus Recruiting

SpringEOC2014Despite one of the coldest winters on record, employers continued to brave the wind chills, snow, and travel delays in trekking to campus to recruit talented Carnegie Mellon students.  February saw two record-setting career fairs.  Early in the month, the Employment Opportunities Conference (EOC) hosted 4000+ students over the fair’s two days.  The EOC allowed CMU’s highest ever number of students to interact with over 150 firms for full-time and internship positions.  Later in February, 80 organizations participated in the Creative Arts Opportunities Conference (CAOC).  The day after the CAOC, over 1000 interviews were conducted on CMU’s campus – the single largest interview day in Tartan history.

While these events were incredibly successful and benefited many students, the Career and Professional Development (CPDC) Staff realize on-campus recruiting cannot meet the needs of every student.  Students who are pursuing opportunities within industries that do not traditionally recruit from college campuses require alternative strategies.  Additionally, students who wish to live and work in geographic locations where CMU does not have a strong recruiting footprint can find a lack of on-campus recruiting options.  Because of these factors, the CPDC is launching a new program designed to better meet the career search needs of students within these populations.

DCF_bannerApril 21st-25th, the CPDC will host a Digital Career Fair (DCF).  The online career event provides CMU students an opportunity to build a robust “skills and projects” profile using the Collegefeed platform.  Collegefeed allows students to showcase their story (skills, projects, research, work experience, etc.) in a more complete fashion than one can on a resume.  Employers will be able to log onto the system and view student profiles to find candidates that are a strong match for employment opportunities.  By allowing students to showcase their abilities and tapping the “just-in-time” employment market, the CPDC hopes to provide connections between students and employers for whom traditional on-campus recruiting is not an effective outlet.  In short, the Digital Career Fair is a career event where employers seek out students!

The CPDC works with all students assisting them to explore, discover, and reach their individual career goals.  Whether full-time or internship, graduate school or service, research or volunteer – the CPDC can assist.  By helping students better understand themselves, supporting students in telling their stories more effectively, and connecting students with people and resources, the CPDC staff is here to help.

To better serve CMU students, the CPDC will author a monthly post to help keep parents and families updated on career-related resources, services, and programs.  We welcome you to frequent our website ( and encourage your student to engage with our office.


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