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CPDC Approach to the Career Search

Will my daughter get a job? Should my son aim for an internship as a sophomore? How does CMU help students find a career that is a good fit?  These and similar questions are asked by parents all the time and one of the reasons the Career and Professional Development Center launched “myCAREER PATH”.  By simplifying the process and stressing the interwoven approach, the CPDC aims to provide students with a career exploration approach that will serve them in their present and future career efforts.


My Career, My Way

The Career and Professional Development Center (CPDC) believes each person is unique – and thus each person’s career journey will be unique. We also realize working on one’s career journey will often fall outside of traditional business hours.  Knowing this, in addition to face-to-face meetings and in-person workshops, the CPDC offers self-paced and self-directed career resources to CMU students and alumni.

Personalized, comprehensive career development allowing you to follow Andrew Carnegie’s words: “My heart is in the work.”


The CMU Career and Professional Development Center offers a variety of resources to understand your individual “mySelf.” Interest assessments delivered by certified practitioners, individual career consultations, and online career databases can help you verbalize the skills you have developed through your work, academics, meta-curricular activities, travels, etc.  However, your “mySelf” is much more than WHAT you can do; it is about WHO you are.  What are your values, interests, and priorities at this stage in your life? Possible activities in the “mySelf” arena:

  • Individual career counseling session to discuss self-evaluation
  • Personalized self-assessment interpretations
  • Directed online research
  • Speak with family, friends, and mentors about how they perceive you, your strengths, and persona
  • Take time for self-reflection using an examination of conscience


Knowing who you are and what you want allows you to tell your “myStory.” Having a coherent, comprehensive, and consistent “myStory” will allow others to understand your aspirations and how they may be able to help you reach your goals. You have a tale to tell the outside world; let the CPDC help you with your “myStory” by:

  • Personalization of your resume, curriculum vitae, personal statement, and other application materials to specific audiences
  • Instruction on your verbal presentation through mock interviews and “30-second pitch” practice
  • Education concerning non-verbal messages communicated through appearance, body language, and etiquette
  • Coaching on a creation of a comprehensive outwardly facing presentation including online presence through social media


Who do you know and who knows you?  You may be surprised when you begin to consider all the people who are in your life.

Family – Friends – Faculty – Advisors – Career Center Staff – Coaches – Neighbors – Recruiters – Coworkers – Supervisors – Members of Professional Organizations and Social Media Groups – Alumni – Mentors – Greek Life Members – Classmates

If any of the people on the list above would call you and request 20 minutes of your time to talk or reach out to you to ask for your help, would you be willing to accept their outreach?  So would they if you only ask.

The CPDC will work with you to mobilize your “myConnections” to enlist their help with your exploration.  It takes a village; let the CPDC work with you to help you rally your village behind your efforts.


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