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Take a Tartan to Work Job Shadowing Program

The Take a Tartan to Work job shadowing program is a valuable way to allow alumni (or parents), to provide students hands-on exposure to assess their “fit” in different work environments, clarify career goals and direction and better understand the connection between academics and the world of work. As an employer volunteer, or “host”, you will be expected to host a student between January 5th and 16th during the student’s winter break and help the student experience a typical day at your work. Students will be matched with hosts based on their shared industry interests.

A few students from last year agreed to share their experiences with the program.

“The most beneficial part was being able to work collaboratively with the other student shadower on a company research project that the two partners in the firm will actually use in their upcoming trip.” -Statistics major, 2016

“It was definitely helpful to realize that I don’t want to work in a place like that!” -Psychology major, 2017

“The most beneficial part was asking each person what skills are most useful and what they wished they had learned. This allowed me to bring the experiences to immediate relevance. I learned a lot about the field of lobbying and made some really great connections with the people in the office.” -Social & Decision Science major, 2015

If you are interested in participating please fill out the following registration form.

Host registration Form


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