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“It is Winter Break and I don’t have any offers- now what?”

What to do over break, aside from Netflix Bingeing

While a break is a time to rest and rejuvenate before the coming semester, it is beneficial to put in some work on the job hunt! Even over the short winter break there are many things a student can do to facilitate the job search process. Here are several tips you can suggest to help guide your student through the process.

  • Apply to jobs or internships you‘re interested in. You’ll never get the job if no one knows you wanted it! Stay organized. If you need to, create a chart and set a goal for yourself such as apply to five jobs/internships a week.


  • If you don’t have some jobs or internships in mind, log onto TartanTRAK and check out your recommended jobs. Research companies and opportunities available at companies coming to the spring EOC (Employment Opportunities Conference). Create a list of companies you’d be interested in working for and learn about what positions they have open. If you’re still stumped, check out the employers that have hired CMU students in the past (



  • Brush up on interview skills. Try the CPDC’s resource Impress (accessed through TartanTRAK) and record yourself answering common interview questions.


  • Update your social media, make sure your privacy settings are the way you’d like them and KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL! Remove anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to see!
    • Create, or update your LinkedIn profile.
      • Make sure to include a picture (appropriate and professional), update your “About Me” section, add your “Skills/expertise” and complete all areas to the best of your ability.
      • Join the CMU Alumni Networking Group.
      • Use the free trial of the premium version to get additional insights into jobs and your applications.
      • Ask for letters of recommendation


  • Develop a list of people you would like to speak with
    • Family, friends, neighbors, professors you know
    • Professionals in your field that you may or may not know
    • Send an email to your old bosses, supervisors, colleagues, etc.
    • Talk with family, friends, and friend’s parents about your job search

The more people you connect with, the better!

  • If applicable, explore graduate school options

****The CPDC staff is available for meetings (phone, Skype, or face-to-face) with students during the break.  Students can schedule a meeting through their TartanTRAK account and indicate whether they would like a phone, Skype, or face-to-face meeting.  To request an advising appointment, students should use the Schedule an Appointment link off of the CPDC homepage.****


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