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Want Your Student to do Something Productive over Winter Break? Keep Reading!

Winter Break is a wonderful time for your students to relax and take a break after an eventful semester; however, it can also be used as an opportunity for them to network and find connections in the job world. Take a Tartan to Work is Carnegie Mellon’s job shadowing program that provides opportunities for undergraduate students to explore career fields by visiting a host professional at their business or organization for one day. This program will only take one day of your students’ break, but could prove to be immeasurably useful to them in the future.

One student who participated in the program last year had this to say about his experience,

“I signed up for the Take a Tartan to Work Program in the Spring of 2015.  I spent a day touring the facilities, and got to see concepts from my classes being applied in the real world.  I met a few CMU alumni at the company, and they shared their experiences at CMU and their careers with me.  When the TOC in Fall of 2015 came around, many of the people I met job shadowing came back as recruiters. They remembered me, and were excited to see that I was once again showing interest in their company.  From my perspective, it was like seeing old friends again.  I knew most of the recruiters by name, and already had a good idea about what each did within the company.  This familiarity took a ton of stress out of the TOC experience and the interviews that followed.  I would highly recommend Take a Tartan to Work for anyone who wants to get to know a company and the people in it!”

Take a Tartan to Work helped this student gain a deeper understanding of the company he shadowed, and had the additional benefit of facilitating connections between him and the recruiters. This student’s experience allowed him to network in ways he might not have been able to otherwise, and it can also be used to help choose a major, to assess your student’s fit in a work environment, or to help them prepare for a summer or professional job search.

These job shadowing opportunities will occur between December 14th and January 9th. Registration is already open from now until November 30th, so encourage your students to sign into TartanTrak and browse the more than 150 companies that would like to host a CMU student for a day.


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