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So your Student Didn’t Secure an Internship this Summer, Now What?

Summer is finally here, your student packed their bags and has returned home, but that internship they thought they were going to get didn’t work out, now what? Students can often be bombarded with the idea that they must have a summer internship to be successful; however, while internships certainly can provide advantages to students, they can also have a productive summer without one.

Job Shadow – Job shadowing is a great opportunity for your student to get a closer look at a field they are interested in. Students can find a professional in their field of interest and ask if they can shadow them for a day on the job. Not only will your student gain a better understanding of the field, they will also gain new contacts that they can use for future networking. This is a great option that can be completed as many times as your student would like throughout the summer. Encourage them to visit a few different companies to explore all of their different career interests.

Volunteer – While not a paid experience, volunteering during the summer can also be a good option for your student. This can be used as a time to explore other interests outside of their career path, while also helping others. Like job shadowing, volunteering is also a good opportunity for your student to network and meet new people. It will also give your student something concrete to put on their resume for the summer.

Get a Job – If your student couldn’t get that internship they had their eye on, there is nothing wrong with trying to secure a part-time job for the summer. This can help your student start saving for the upcoming semester and can also give them some new work experiences. A job can help your student learn how to work in different environments as well as emphasize the importance of cooperation between peers in the workforce.

Research – Encourage your student to spend an hour a day learning new information about fields they are interested in. This can involve reviewing company and industry-specific websites, staying up-to-date with news related to the field, and finding bloggers that are relevant to their interests. An hour a day will help your student stay current with the trends, and can also help them learn some industry specific language that could become useful in their future interviews.

These are just some options that can help your student have a productive and successful summer even without an internship. Make sure that your student stops at the Career Center when they return for the semester to update their resume with their new summer experiences!


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