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How to Help your Student Prepare for an Interview

Now that the career fairs are over, students are preparing for interviews that can help them secure a summer internship, or even a full-time job offer. Interviews can be hard for everyone, but especially for the parent who wants their student to succeed, but can only help so much. So what can you do to help make sure your student is as prepared as possible?

  1. Make sure they know where the interview is located – Every year we have a great number of students who show up at the Advising Center instead of the Interview Center for their interviews. Making sure your student knows where to go the night before, can save them a lot of frustration and panic the morning of when they find out they’re in the wrong spot.
  2. Make sure they know what the proper attire for the interview is – Some companies are very lax when it comes to what students should wear for an interview, while some will expect them to be in a suit. Make sure your student knows what is appropriate, and that they have something in their closet that they can wear.
  3. Have them make a checklist of necessary materials – This can be different for every student or interview, but a sample list could include: a professional bag, pens/pencils, a notebook, resumes, business cards, references, a portfolio, and a flash drive.
  4. They should prepare a list of questions to bring – Make sure that your student has a list of 5-10 legitimate questions that they can ask their interviewer. These show that your student has done research into the company and is genuinely interested in the opportunity. It can also help your student get more information about the position than they may have otherwise.
  5. Give them the confidence they need to be successful – Students need to have confidence in themselves, but a “Good Luck!” text from mom or dad before the interview can never hurt.

You or your student can find more tips about interviewing on the CPDC’s website under “Interviewing”.



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