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Help your Freshmen and Sophmores ‘Get Started’ at the CPDC

The Career & Professional Development Center can seem like an intimidating place to a student who’s still not quite sure what they want to do after college, so how can you help encourage them to stop in?

Reviewing our brochure, Getting Started at the CPDC, is a great place to begin. This document was created specifically for freshmen and sophomore students to help inform them of all of the services the career center has that are tailored to them. Looking over this with your student may help them gain a better understanding of our services and also feel more comfortable with making an appointment to come speak with one of our consultants. Take a look at the bullet points below for the important information you should take away from the brochure:

  • Take note of the career fairs coming up in the spring semester; there are already a good number of companies signed up to attend. Suggest that your student use some of their time over break to start researching these companies and deciding which ones are top on their list to speak with during the fairs. Your student can find the companies attending in Handshake under Fairs.
  • Encourage them to look more into Internship Showcase and Jumpstart as these two programs were created specifically for freshmen and sophomore students.
  • If they haven’t yet had time to visit the career center, suggest that they make a CPDC 101 appointment through Handshake. This appointment will give students an overview of the services offered through the CPDC and give them a low-stress way to start utilizing the career center’s services.
  • Students can also use time over winter break to look into our Take a Tartan to Work (job shadowing) and Tartan Talks (informational interview) programs. These can both be activities that give students insights into what they want their future to look like.
  • Take note of the section on Careers for First Years. Career Peer Mentors will be in all freshmen residence halls throughout the semester conducting workshops that will build career related skills (resumes, LinkedIn, networking, etc…). Students can look in their halls for posters advertising these workshops, or ask their RAs for more information.




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