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How to get your Student to Network

Networking can be a scary word to many adults, let alone students. It can be extremely intimidating to talk to people you don’t know in an attempt to create a genuine connection that can be beneficial in the future. One way that the CPDC tries to encourage networking while not putting too much pressure on students in through job shadowing. Job shadowing allows students to visit with an employer or alumni to see what a day in the host’s career field is like. This is an excellent way to network, while being low-pressure since it is an opportunity set up through the career center.

Job shadowing can take place throughout winter break (12/18/17 – 1/16/18) and students are able to search by location so that they are able to participate whether they are at home, or at school as long as there are hosts signed up for their home location.

You can encourage your student to learn more about the CPDC’s job shadowing program, Take a Tartan to Work, by visiting the website. They can also attend our Job Shadowing Info Session that will take place on October 23rd and can be found on Handshake.


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